What's It All About?

Moulton Drama Group was looking at ways to be innovative and give our members a variety of activities in accordance with the aims of our constitution. It is our goal to entertain and educate our members and our audiences using drama and other associated arts. 

To this end we formed a scriptwriting and acting team to create a radio drama series called Littlewich Ways. Set in the fictional mid Cheshire village of Littlewich, it’s a bit like The Archers without the farming theme, and follows life in the village through the experiences, good and bad, of its residents.

It's not as demanding as being involved with our regular plays, so ideal for those short on time or with concerns about learning lines. Casting is a lot easier as we only need a voice. In addition it provides an ideal platform for those who are keen to be creative but may lack the confidence to go onstage.

We’ve extended the creativity of the drama group by building a scriptwriting team. They’ve been busy identifying the residents of Littlewich and defining the basics of their characters. They know where they live, who their friends and neighbours are and where they meet.

If you would like to take part in this exciting development, you can be a part of the scriptwriting team, part of the cast, get involved technically, or help in the organisation. There is something to appeal to everyone and no one is too young or old so if this appeals to you do not hesitate to contact us on info@littlewichways.co.uk.