The Johnson-Smith Family

I’m David Johnson-Smith. We, that’s my wife Liz and me, are definitely New Littlewich! Only moved in a few weeks ago. We’ve both been warmly welcomed to the village. We haven’t any children yet, but we are hopeful that this new start for both of us will change that in the near future. We moved here because I got the opportunity of a life changing job doing research at Jodrell Bank. I’m a world expert in String theory, did you know that - it’s utterly fascinating, it’s all about--

David darling, I don’t think anyone’s interested … only your students! I’m Liz Johnson-Smith and wife of David here. We met at Uni and it was love at first sight.  I have been really fortunate in getting a teaching job at our local primary school. So no more lengthy drives to work, thank god! I can walk there in a few minutes and even pop home for lunch if I am not on playground duty, and of course I can always nip back if I have forgotten anything for the children! We have a beautiful home, well it will be once we finally unpack all the crates. Rose has been a diamond, we are so lucky to have her as a neighbour. We have been trying for a baby but no joyful bundle has come our way … yet!