The Whittaker Family

Hello, I’m Rose. I am what you would call old Littlewich. On holiday recently my husband Frank died. His old firm helped to bring him home. He would have wanted to have be laid to rest here in the village. I have had great support from my friends, especially Mary who you will meet later I have a lovely home and a most productive garden. I have hens which lay the best eggs in the world, and I’m self-sufficient in fruit and veg. Now that himself has gone, I can please myself what I do with my garden, and believe me I will! I have one son called Tom and he has a girlfriend, called Henrietta. He works away in Scotland, but he rings me quite often and comes down when he can. 

Mum - she’s not called Henrietta! That’s the name you gave to your favourite Hen! She’s Helen! Oh sorry, I’m Tom, Rose’s son. I had to leave home for a job in Scotland, which I love, and is really well paid, and also for a bit of peace and quiet away from my old man! When I do get back home to Littlewich, I like to have a few jars and a bit of scheming with my old mate Terry in the only pub in the village, The Pillar of Salt.