The Stanton Family

Hello everyone! My name’s Beth Stanton and I’m nine years old. I live in the village with my grandma, grandma Stanton. I don’t remember my parents. They died when I was very young. My friends in the village are Freddie and Rose. I hate School. They don’t teach me anything I want to know. I often don’t bother to go and no one seems to miss me. I like talking and learning stuff from Freddie who looks after the graves in the church yard. I can recognise all the birds and in my house I have lots of  animals I care for. I love grandma, but it’s me that takes care of her. I wash, clean and help make our dinners. No one seems to bother about us so we just bother about ourselves. Oh! I like singing and I make up songs to sing to Freddie, Rose and the animals in Littlewich.

My name is Alice Stanton and I'm Beth's grandmother. There have been Stantons in this village for centuries, so I am definitely Old Littlewich. Beth was with me when her parents died in a car crash on a day out. I have looked after Beth since that tragic day, and do my best to raise her as her parents would have wanted. She is not the easiest of children, but she is certainly a little character and keeps the village amused with her antics. Physically, I am not a hundred percent, but there is nothing wrong with the rest of my faculties.