The Scriptwriters

Annie Anderson

Debbie Bennett tells lies and makes things up. Sometimes people pay her for it. She mostly writes dark and gritty crime thrillers and claims to get her inspiration from the day job – but if she told you about that, she’d have to kill you afterwards…

Helen Nightingale

Janet Sedgwick is a born and bred Mancunian moving over here in leafy Cheshire in 1970. She's an animal lover and tends to like the more unusual hobbies, e.g. traditional Morris dancing with clogs on, and Tai Chi - both as a relaxation and the sword form of fighting. She's also in to Reiki and Kinesiology. She started work as an apprentice hairdresser along with two other girls, indeed they were known as the three wise monkeys. She holds the title as the only person to hose down the manager of the shop who was in his best suit at the time! Now she's mellowed with age and is a little more refined and not as dangerous. 

Barry Wiseman
Sheenah Wiseman