The Tyler Family

Hello! I’m Mary Tyler. Mother of Terry and wife to Jeff. My good friend Rose and I have our hair done together at Rose’s lovely home where we enjoy a good chin-wag and getting the gen on village life. Yes, I love having my boys still at home. It’s a rare thing these days isn’t it? Although if Jeff had his way, he’d be already out on his ear! Rose and I are both W.I. Members and we both love baking for the various events in the village. Now that Rose’s husband Frank has gone, she’s turned into quite the party animal. I now have a great partner in crime.

I’m Jeffrey Tyler, Jeff to my mates and family. I live here in Littlewich with my wife Mary and our only son, Terry. I really do think he ought to stand on his own two feet, but Mary wants to keep him tied to her apron strings. I have a nice little job, driving for our local pharmacy, delivering prescriptions locally. Well, it keeps me out of trouble! My lovely wife easily makes up for any mischief I might get up to, along with her drinking partner Rose! I’m all for a quiet life; I let others do their thing as long as it doesn’t include me! 

Terry here! Terry Tyler. I still live at home with mum and dad, but I know dad thinks it’s time I got my own place! However, with mums home cooking and my five star room service, which can be a bit embarrassing at times, I might try to last out a bit longer! My family is Old Littlewich, and Tom and I love chatting about old times and the crazy things our mothers get up to, over a pint at the pub.