The Cast

In order of appearance

Rose Whittaker played by Gill Birtwisle
Tom Whittaker played by Ian Hague
Annie Martin played by Mary Lightfoot
Malcolm Martin played by Peter Burkey
Gwen (pub landlady) played by Dolores Fallon
Freddie (Fingers) played by Andy Bennett
The Colonel played by Lloyd Williams
David Johnson-Smith played by Robert Meadows
Liz Johnson-Smith played by Karen Carlton
Barry (the bins) played by Adrian Hall
Tim Martin played by Tom Smith
John Gibson played by David Durrant
Sam Wakefield played by Sandra Mulford
Sylvia Gibson played by Sue Slobom
Wesley Wakefield played by Sam Mulford
Beth Stanton played by Beth Slaney
Eva played by Madison Slaney
Mary Tyler played by Sue Green
Jeff Tyler played by Steve Birtwisle
Terry Tyler played by Peter Collins
Ben Martin played by Russell Wiseman
Felicity (Flick) Gibson played by Jackie Platt
Jezza played by Russell Wiseman
Alice Stanton played by Joan Slobom
Weedy Joe played by Derek Morris
Louisa Macleod played by Sue Huband

Millie Platt
Debbie Bennett